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2014 Bon Appétit Hot 10 Dinner

2014 Bon Appétit Hot 10 Dinner


The food tasted like it was put together with magic and sprinkled with pixie dust. It was a gathering of some of the most amazing chefs our nation has to offer, and trust me it didn’t disappoint.

The Bon Appétit Hot 10 dinner was held at Ava Gene’s here in Portland and featured past and present winners of the Hot 10 award. Hosted by Editor (see:stylist) In Chief Adam Rapoport & Restaurant/Drinks guru Andrew Knowlton, this stellar group of culinary superstars rocked the night away. The lineup:

Philip Krajeck, Rolf and Daughters (Nashville, TN)

Joshua McFadden, Ava Genes (Portland, OR)

John Taboada, Luce (Portland, OR)

Ari Taymor, Alma (Los Angeles, CA)

Rachel Yang, Joule (Seattle, WA)

Aaron Silverman, Rose’s Luxury (Washington, DC)

Now the menu:

Now that you’ve let that menu stew in your brain a bit, the biggest hit of the night was definitely Aaron Silverman.  His restaurant, Rose’s Luxury in Washington DC was awarded the top new restaurant spot via Andrew Knowlton in Bon Appétit magazine this year, and there’s no doubt this guy kills it.  I mean, look at him rock those oysters next to his Bon Appétit profile…

The man is #1 in the nation.

Here’s a sample of the night’s delights:

People: The lamb from Ari Taymor. The Squid Ink Spaghetti from Philip Krajeck, the Grilled Octopus from Aaron Silverman, and the Farro Pie from John Taboada. I would have taken more pictures of the food, but I was too busy eating everything there. Seriously.  For the first time in my life, I just ATE THE FOOD before taking pictures. Life changing…

Many thanks to the rockstars at Ava Gene’s

Another shot of the All-Star Kitchen:

As the cocktails were concocted and the wine flowed, old friends and new friends basked in the ultimate culinary feast, for one night only. Beautiful stuff.


Meaning of Feast: 2014

Meaning of Feast: 2014

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