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April Fools: The Delicious Chicken McNugget

April Fools: The Delicious Chicken McNugget

It’s beautiful… and delicious.


The minute you take a bite, you get the overwhelming feeling of joy along with the most perfect crunch of amazing breading.  Sink your teeth in further and you’ll taste the most tender white chicken meat you’ve ever had.  Jealous yet Achatz?  Yes, I’m talking about the incomparable McDonalds Chicken McNugget. Nowhere else have I found the most satisfying rations (4, 10, 20 pieces) of a bite so moist and equal in flavor that it would rival the most profound course at Per Se or any other starred eatery on earth. I mean, there’s a reason why McDonalds, the greatest restaurant on Earth, sells so many of them right?  It’s because they’re delicious.


What I love so much about the McDonalds Chicken McNugget in particular is its straight forward, no frills, honest approach to eating.  You just open the box, take one of the nuggets, then dunk it into the most delicious tangy BBQ sauce ever made, and eat it. McDonalds claims on the McNugget box that “It’s the perfect combination.” and I can’t help but agree.


What’s amazing to me is how such a simple process can create such a complex emotion as soon as the sauce and breading touches my lips. It’s something so fulfilling and real that it can only be compared to your first kiss, or the birth of your first child. 

To get to the point where I fell in love with the Chicken McNugget, I asked myself a series of questions:

How many world class chefs can make a Chicken McNugget?

How many of them could even gather the ingredients to recreate the breading alone?

How many world class chefs could possibly recreate the same exact dish in hundreds of cities across the globe simultaneously?

Is there anything else on Earth that pairs so damn well with those golden fries?

You'll find the answers to these questions lead you straight to the Golden Arches, where you'll find the unconditional love of the Chicken McNugget. Always the same. Always waiting for you at all times of night. Always delicious.

I'm lovin it.

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