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A Tiny Blurb on RUINS

A Tiny Blurb on RUINS


The thing I love about the food here is that it’s honest. Eat something here and you’ll feel me. I don't know much about Chef/Owner Tony Brown, in fact the first time I ever met Tony was a couple weeks ago, while I was at the bar, and we chatted for barely 10 minutes while I was on my 3rd drink (rye!). They have really damn good drinks too, after all it IS a bar.

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I’ve been to RUINS multiple times since it opened in Spokane, WA and honestly it has some of the best food I've ever had in Spokane.  I always find myself venturing here after a long day to get drinks or food whenever I’m in town. My favorite place to sit is right at the bar so I can look through the pass and see chefs in their element: prepping, pulling tickets, cooking, plating, and sending dishes out.


Now I don’t know what kind of person Tony Brown is, but I can tell from the way the menu changes all the time (Serious - He keeps that thing fresher than fresh) that he’s an intensely creative person that likes to constantly challenge himself as well as the minds of the people that come into his bar for food. I can also tell by perusing the dishes on the menu that family is extremely important to him because it includes some of the best comfort food I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.



I don’t know what made him want to become a chef, but I can tell by the way I see him give the plates all one last spot check before he sends them out that he’s a perfectionist and he cares about the people he’s serving, and I can tell by gazing through the pass and watching his methodical handwork in the kitchen and the calm silence while he’s cooking, that he’s goal oriented and all business once he’s in his zone.



Now, I don’t know what drives him to put it all on the line everyday, but I can tell by coming in on a Saturday night and seeing that he’s the only person working in his kitchen, that this man has some serious passion, and by the way he prepares something as simple as fries or croquettes I can tell that he’s a very humble person that takes pride in just cooking some straight up delicious food.


So if you're in Spokane, chances are I'm at RUINS and most likely Tony will be there too...


825 N. Monroe

Spokane, WA 99201

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