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Tales of the Cocktail: Absolut Elyx House

Tales of the Cocktail: Absolut Elyx House

In the age of the craft cocktail, experiences are what matter the most.

The invite-only House of Elyx put on by luxury vodka brand Absolut Elyx at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans was held at Latrobe's on Royal in the French Quarter this year, and it didn't disappoint: It was hella classy. 

First up: The copper drink vessels. I had the Silly Rabbit cocktail (Elyx, sherry, pineapple, lime, champagne) served in a beautiful copper rabbit vessel (video below).  Also on deck were a copper squirrel and various other copper bar ware and drink ware that made for quite the cocktail experience set in a lush atmosphere which included various chic couches and accent furnishings. 

The entire place felt like it was designed to be highly grammable (re: Instagram for you proper peeps). From the wallpaper, to the furnishings, to the drinks, even down to the emoji menu. That's right. There was a sit down bar in a second room staffed by world class bartenders Alex Kratena & Simone Caporale (both formally of World’s Best Bar, The Artesian), Leo Robitschek (Eleven Madison Park and Nomad) and Monica Berg (genius), where you could order your drink by emoji.

If you wanted a smaller cocktail, an alcove bar staffed by the one and only Toby Cecchini, creator of the Cosmopolitan, served mini martinis while you walked around or waited for your seating at the bar.

I felt like I was in a different world, which is what a proper cocktail experience should feel like. The cocktails were delicious but also innovative and whimsical, which made for excellent conversation as you networked your way around the room, or just tossed back a few cocktails with friends while you relaxed with some pillows on the couch. 

The whole house had a posh and ritzy vibe to it, which made it an Absolut (see what I did there?) must attend for the Tales crowd.  Not gonna lie, I personally just might sleep on the bar next year.

Lowdown: Absolut Elyx is a luxury vodka made with single estate wheat and distilled in Sweden using all copper stills. It went down more like a smooth whiskey than a vodka, which is great, because this is probably one of the smoothest vodkas I've had. Vodka, in general,  has taken sort of a "leave" in recent years due to everyone jumping on the whiskey train, but pair this vodka with the cocktail experience of House of Elyx, and it only adds to the allure of Absolute Elyx by putting an exclamation point on what we already knew: Vodka never really left, it just got cooler.

Bon Appétit Hot 10  #FeastPDX

Bon Appétit Hot 10 #FeastPDX